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To Grandpa

It can be hard to write to Grandpa. We all want to do it but it feels too onerous or too big a job that becomes easy to put off. Before Facebook came along we used to get lots of group messages….but Facebook was good at making sure you only wrote a little bit, so that it became easy to write (and to read).

So don’t write heaps to Grandpa

or you’ll put it off. If we all write a little bit, every now and again, he’ll be stoked to read lots of regular updates, 

and we won’t feel guilty 🙂

that it’s been so long since we made contact. Give it a crack, and don’t put it off. He’d love to hear from you  🙂

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    What has been a highlight of your life from the last month?

    Show Grandpa up to three images of things that have been happening. If you only have one or two that is totally fine too (!)

    ps. you can drag images onto where it says Choose File.

    And that's it! You made it!

    Depending on how big your images are, it may take a few seconds to send to him.