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Quince Paste


  • 4 quinces
  • Sugar


1. Wash the quinces and rub well to remove the downy fluff. Simmer the whole fruit in about 1­1/2 ups of water for 40­-60 minutes or until tender. Lift out the quinces and cool. Once cold enough to handle, peel and core

2. Put the quinces in a food processor and process until smooth. Alternatively you can sieve or mouli

3. Measure pulp and and 1 cup of sugar to each cup of fruit. Place in a large saucepan. Cook over a moderate heat, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until the paste is very thick and leaves the sides of the pot. (be cautious when cooking as the mixture bubbles and spits. Wrap a cloth around your stirring hand to guard against burns).

4. Pour into a baking paper­lined 22cm square tin and smooth out evenly. The paste should be about 1 cm thick

5. Leave covered to dry in a warm place for several days

6. Cut into squares or slices. Store wrapped in waxed or greased paper in airtight container.

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