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Alaskan Pizza

Alaskan Pizza

This is an amazing trick for camping. The trick is finding the ready-made base, but once that’s sorted the rest is fairly easy. A great item to add to the repertoire!


  • ready-cooked pizza crust
  • pepperoni
  • shredded cheese
  • sauce
  • seasonings (oregano, crushed red pepper, etc.)


  • While it always varies with stoves, medium heat is generally just fine. Start by warming the crust in the pan, remembering to flip it from time to time. Make it warm to the touch but make sure not to burn it (keep it moving, and if you’re going to have warm drinks, you can keep the crust warm by placing it on the lid of your boiling/hot water pot).
    Next, I usually turn the stove off since the pan is hot, and layer pepperoni in the pan making sure there is some overlap/connection for all of them but not too much (that would make things a little too heavy to flip). Then sprinkle on a little seasoning and sauce. Make sure not to use too much sauce or you wont get your pepperonis to stick to the crust. Then, sprinkle on a liberal amount of shredded cheese, topped with the crust.
    Turn the stove back onto medium/medium-low and start to apply some pressure to the crust as the cheese melts to the crust and pepperonis. After a short period, start to rotate the crust, kind of like a dial, while you’re applying pressure. When you notice all the ingredients rotating as one, you can flip the pizza to brown/re-warm the other side of the crust. Enjoy!
  • I’ve had decent success with a vegetarian version using sliced onions instead of pepperonis. You can always cook them right-side-up when using different toppings but I like the upside down method best for pepperonis.

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